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On the last week of October 2019, my Google Scholar citations exceeded 100. It took me 13 months since I finished my PhD (Sep 2015-Aug 2018) and three years since my first publication. My first publication appeared on line on 24 October 2016! But then, I did not have any publication for about 15 months, until January 22, 2018. I felt quite frustrated during this period. In end 2018 was good for me. I had six articles accepted in good journals.

For many scholar reaching 100 is not deal at all, but I feel happy about it. It motivates me to do more and better research. These days I try to focus more on quality of research than quantity of publications. This may reduce my number of publications in the upcoming years but I still expect exponential growth in my citations over the next years to come.

Meanwhile, I have decided to share all the failure/rejection stories of each of my future articles here on my website. This is to motivate young scholars. Most scholars only share their success stories and this could be sometimes frustrating to young/emerging scholars as they feel that they are the only ones who face all the difficulties.

Don’t forget to check out my research on GoogleScholar!

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