University of South-Eastern Norway

Master’s Level

Maritime Economics (S2020, S2021)

Bachelor Level

Supply Chain Management (S2020, S2021)

Introduction to Logistics (Co-lecturer, F2019, F2020)

Physical Distribution and Logistics Management (Co-lecturer, F2019 )

University of Agder, Norway

PhD Level

Survey of Statistical Methods (S2019)

Master’s Level

Research Methods in Business (F2018)

Bachelor Level

Industrial Buying Behaviour (F2018)

Social Scientific Methods (S2018, S2019*3)

Block Courses

PhD Level

Structural Equation Modelling in R (UiA 2019)

Bibliometric Analysis (EIASM 2020*2)

In addition to my regular teaching, I teach 2-5 days block-courses on PhD level in summer schools (only in June-July).

  • Structural Equation Modelling in R and/or SmartPLS
  • Bibliometric Literature Review
  • Introduction to Forecasting in R

If you want to arrange a block course on these topics at your university, please contact me via email. For my online courses see Resaerch HUB course page.