University of South-Eastern Norway

Master’s Level

MM-MEC4001 Maritime Economics (Spring 2020)

Bachelor Level

SL-SCM2000 Supply Chain Management (Spring 2020)

University of Agder, Norway

PhD Level

ME 612 Survey of Statistical Methods (Spring 2019)

Master’s Level

ME 423 Research Methods in Business (Fall 2018)

Bachelor Level

MF 203 Industrial Buying Behaviour (Fall 2018)

ME 112 Social Scientific Methods (Spring 2018, Spring 2019)

Block Courses

PhD Level

Structural Equation Modelling in R (UiA 2019)

Bibliometric Analysis (UiA 2020)

In addition to my regular teaching, I teach 3-5 days block-courses on PhD level in summer schools (only in June-July).

  • Structural Equation Modelling in R
  • Structural Equation Modelling in Smart-PLS
  • Bibliometric Analysis

If you want to arrange a block course on these topics, please contact me via email.