A Review of the Internationalization of Chinese Enterprises

Ilan Alon1, John Anderson2, Ziaul Haque Munim1, Alice Ho1

1School of Business and Law, University of Agder

2College of Business Administration, University of Northern Iowa


This article reviews the scholarly research on the internationalization of Chinese enterprises (ICE) through bibliometric citation analysis. We do so through a data visualization technique and analysis of 206 articles which are authored by 382 scholars in 72 different journals published between 2003-2016. The results reveal four research streams in the context of ICE: (1) testing traditional FDI theory, (2) location choice, (3) entry mode choice, and (4) drivers and motivations of internationalization. Journal of World Business is the most influential journal in ICE research followed by and Journal of International Business Studies and Asia Pacific Journal of Management. This indicates general International Business journals have taken the lead role in pushing the ICE literature stream forward, but geographically focused general Management journals, such as Asia Pacific Journal of Management, have also made a singular contribution. The impact of perspective, in terms of author and institution affiliation, on the literature set is also examined. Finally, issues related to data, methodological rigor and theoretical underpinnings are highlighted. To push forward the ICE literature, we proposed a holistic framework of drivers and motivations of Chinese outward FDI and present a few promising future research areas. 

Keywords: bibliometric analysis, outward FDI, internationalization, literature review, citation map, China, emerging markets multinationals, emerging markets multinationals (EMM), meta-analysis

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  1. WEI says:

    Dear professor Muni, I’m a PHD student. Recently I do some research about bibliometrix. Following your course on YOUTUBE, I can get some conclusion, like some graph, some chart. But I don’t understand some result.
    For example:
    1 I don’t know the difference between Average Article Citations per Year and Average Total Citations per Year.
    2 How to calculate the No. of Articles Fractionalized?
    Can you give me answers or tell me where can I find the answers?
    Thank you so much.

    • HI WEI,
      glad to see your interest in bibliometrics.
      (1) Average Article Citations per Year refers to average citations received by each article published in a particular year. For example, 2 articles were published in 1991 which received a total of 24 citations until 2019. Their Average Article Citations per Year is 12(24/2). On the other hand, Average Total Citations per Year refers to citations received by all articles in a particular year over the available citation years. So, the 2 articles published in 1991 had 28 available citation years until 2019. SO, Average Total Citations per Year for 1991 is 0.43 (12/28).
      (2) Lets say, I published three articles over the last three years of which 1st has 2 authors, 2nd has 3 authors and 3rd has 4 authors. So, my no. of articles fractionalized is .50 (1/2) +.33(1/3)+.25(1/4)=1.08. In terms of total articles published in the last 3 years I have 3 publications but in terms of fractioalized no. of artciles I have only 1.08.
      I hope this helps. You may find these slides useful https://bibliometrix.org/biblioshiny/

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