A Review of the Internationalization of Chinese Enterprises

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  1. WEI says:

    Dear professor Muni, I’m a PHD student. Recently I do some research about bibliometrix. Following your course on YOUTUBE, I can get some conclusion, like some graph, some chart. But I don’t understand some result.
    For example:
    1 I don’t know the difference between Average Article Citations per Year and Average Total Citations per Year.
    2 How to calculate the No. of Articles Fractionalized?
    Can you give me answers or tell me where can I find the answers?
    Thank you so much.

    • HI WEI,
      glad to see your interest in bibliometrics.
      (1) Average Article Citations per Year refers to average citations received by each article published in a particular year. For example, 2 articles were published in 1991 which received a total of 24 citations until 2019. Their Average Article Citations per Year is 12(24/2). On the other hand, Average Total Citations per Year refers to citations received by all articles in a particular year over the available citation years. So, the 2 articles published in 1991 had 28 available citation years until 2019. SO, Average Total Citations per Year for 1991 is 0.43 (12/28).
      (2) Lets say, I published three articles over the last three years of which 1st has 2 authors, 2nd has 3 authors and 3rd has 4 authors. So, my no. of articles fractionalized is .50 (1/2) +.33(1/3)+.25(1/4)=1.08. In terms of total articles published in the last 3 years I have 3 publications but in terms of fractioalized no. of artciles I have only 1.08.
      I hope this helps. You may find these slides useful https://bibliometrix.org/biblioshiny/

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