A list of maritime journals and their publication trends

I work as an Associate Professor of Maritime Logistics. Hence, the journals that focus on maritime studies are highly relevant for me for reading and also publishing there. I have made a search in the Scopus database for source title that include the term “Maritime”. Here is what I got. A total of 35 titles including journals and conference, where 21374 documents are published from 1969 until August 25, 2023.

The figure below presents an overview of publication trends in these journals combined over time.

The table below present the list of source titles ranked based on number of documents published:

NoSource Documents 
1Maritime Policy And Management1810
2Dalian Haishi Daxue Xuebao Journal Of Dalian Maritime University1599
3Polish Maritime Research1084
4Proceedings Of The Institution Of Mechanical Engineers Part M Journal Of Engineering For The Maritime Environment887
5Maritime By Holland857
6International Maritime Health790
7Transactions Of The Royal Institution Of Naval Architects Part A International Journal Of Maritime Engineering695
8Maritime Economics And Logistics576
9International Journal Of Maritime History539
10Journal Of Maritime Law And Commerce509
11Bulletin Of The Institute Of Maritime And Tropical Medicine In Gdynia500
12Wmu Journal Of Maritime Affairs427
13Proceedings Of The Institution Of Civil Engineers Maritime Engineering365
14Journal Of Maritime Research345
15Australian Journal Of Maritime And Ocean Affairs329
16Maritime Studies327
17Journal Of Maritime Archaeology274
18Transactions On Maritime Science212
19Maritime Business Review179
20Journal For Maritime Research178
21Shanghai Haiyun Xueyuan Xuebao Journal Of Shanghai Maritime University177
22Maritime Affairs161
23Proceedings Of The Institution Of Civil Engineers Water Maritime And Energy160
24Proceedings Of The Institution Of Civil Engineers Water And Maritime Engineering159
25Journal Of Eta Maritime Science124
26International Maritime Technology102
27Maritime Transport Research85
28Journal Of International Maritime Safety Environmental Affairs And Shipping83
29International Journal Of Maritime Economics76
30Maritime Sediments Atlantic Geology75
31Maritime IT And Electronics67
32Journal Of Territorial And Maritime Studies50
33Maritime Engineering28
34Proceedings ICE Water Maritime Energy26
35Maritime Sediments20

The figure below ranks the top 15 countries in terms of number of publications in these source titles.

Here, we have ranking of the top 15 universities in terms of number of publications in these source titles.

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