Collaborations happen in interesting ways

Last week, two of my authored book chapters were published in the BOOK <<Regulation and Finance in the Port Industry: Lessons from Worldwide Experiences>> edited by Claudio FerrariHercules HaralambidesSergio Prete and Alessio Tei. My two chapters are:

  1. Regulation and Finance in the Norwegian Port Sector, co-authored with Axel Merkel.
  2. Regulation and Finance in the Bangladesh Port Industry, single authored.

During mid August 2018, Axel wrote me a message on facebook congratulating on my PhD defense. I replied, “thanks, lets write a book chapter on Norwegian ports together”. I shared the call for chapters circulated by the editors. After three months, we wrote a chapter. He took the lead and I wrote the last two sections. A smooth collaboration. You can have such smooth collaboration only few in instances a year.

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