My citations exceeded 1000

2021 has been great in terms of citation. As of January 26, 2021, my citations on google scholar exceeded 1000. It happened within about 3.5 years since I finished my PhD. In 2021, 04 of my published studies also exceeded 100 citations. I am thankful to my mentors, co-authors, reviewers, and readers.

Being extensively involved in bibliometric analysis, I have few realizations about citation metrics.

  1. Citations depend on number of people working in the field/topic. You can be a great researcher in a niche topic/field, but if not many people are actively researching or publishing in that area, chances are your citations will not boom.
  2. Research on contemporary topics always bring more citations. For example, studies related to Covid, blockchain, industry 4.0, big data and the like received huge citations in recent years.
  3. Citation depend of availability of funding. The reason why research on contemporary topics receive more citations is because government and non-government agencies fund more research on contemporary topics.
  4. Well crafted literature reviews get lots of citations. 03 out of the 05 of my most cited articles are literature review. Well, not all literature reviews gets a lot of citations, even some say literature reviews are hard to publish. But well written ones will get published and get cited.
  5. Simple sentence structure increases citations. A large number of readers in the scientific community are non-native English language speakers. Science is already hard and we should not make it harder by using complex words and sentence structures. The more people can read your text easily, the more citations it will get.
  6. Your presence is likely to increase your citations. During my PhD, I realized that I was reading and citing articles written by people I already know, or connected on linkedin, and met at conferences.
Google scholar Ziaul H. Munim

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