How I started Research HUB?

In 2015, just after starting my PhD, I started Research HUB as a hobby with a Facebook page and soon after a YouTube channel (some told it was a bad idea and I would never finish PhD). Initially the focus was on creating awareness against predatory journals and publishers. Later days, I started to publish different analyses I was doing in my research.

On YouTube, the bibliometric literature review (BLR) playlist is one of the most viewed. Over the last couple of years, I received hundreds of emails and messages from scholar all over the world that they were inspired to do a BLR study from our videos and published in top journals.

As of today, the Research HUB facebook page has 13,000+ followers, and YouTube was 7000+ subscribers! Many of my friends and colleagues have contributed directly and indirectly to this growth, and I am thankful to all of you.

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