Tips on academic writing

Here are some tips that you find useful in writing your thesis and scientific articles.

Each paragraph is about one idea only.

We should not present information about multiple ideas in one paragraph. Before starting writing, it is a good idea to outline how many paragraphs are we going to write and what idea will each of the paragraphs present.

All the paragraphs should be connected by a story line.

In scientific writing too, we are telling a story, to the readers. And your thesis is about the story of your research question(s).

Each paragraph should have information from previous multiple studies/reports.

We should not summarize one study in one paragraph. Summarizing one-by-one study is not a good writing style (I used to do earlier) and this approach of writing increases chances of plagiarism. We should read multiple studies, summarize their content (find connections, similarities, dissimilarities), and present them in a storyline. Note that we should only cite findings of past studies not things they said in their introduction or literature review sections.

And here is a video on paragraph structure, this helped me a lot in improving my writing-

I hope this tips are helpful.

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