Travelling and butter chicken

As of today (October 12, 2019), I have visited 18 countries. I cannot remember the number of cities but it should be about 100. Since I moved to Europe in 2013, the frequency of visits increased quite a lot. My PhD journey from 2015-2018 pushed travel frequency further. Now, being an academic, I travel to at least two conferences a year, sometimes even more. Also, I travel for fun, sometimes with my wife and sometimes alone.

In all my trips, one thing has been constant, that is, every city I visit, I try the butter chicken there. For the last two years, I have been planning to post butter chicken reviews from each city I visit. When I first told this to my wife, she laughed out loud and I have been consistent with my thought and this is the first blog post on starting a Butter Chicken Review on my personal blog. I don’t really know why I am doing this, I believe mostly for fun. If you are reading this, follow the Butter Chicken tag on my website and find the best butter chicken in the world!

In each of the future butter chicken posts, I will post at least one picture of the food, location of the restaurant, price of the food and a brief review based on three rather naive criteria: presentation, amount and taste. I will review each criteria on a 1 to 10 scale and consider their average as the overall score. I will not write much detail, and keep it sweet and short for time efficiency. For special cases, I will add a very short remark at the end.

If you enjoy the posts, leave a comment. If you have been to the same restaurant, share your experience in comments.

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