PhD Course on Structural Equation Modeling

On December 2019, I conducted a five-days PhD course on Structural Equation Modeling at the University of Agder, Norway. About 20 PhD candidates from different backgrounds within the social science research domain participated in the course.

The course content includes-

  1. Concepts in SEM
  2. Prerequisites for SEM, e.g. EFA, CFA, common method bias etc.
  3. Estimation of SEM using lavaan package in R
  4. Estimation of PLS-SEM using Smart PLS
  5. Advanced SEM, e.g. multi-group modelling

I will soon publish a video playlist on SEM on my YouTube channel.

Typically, I teach such block courses only in June and July every year. If you are interested to arrange a session at your university, contact me via email.

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