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My publication metrics of 2019

I have decided to make a post about my publication metrics on the first week of every year. As of January 2, 2020, I have published 11 journal articles and my google scholar citations...

Philosophy of science 0

Philosophy of science

As an academic, I find it important to have a good understanding of Philosophy of Science. In 2015, I took my first Philosophy of Science course in the first semester of my PhD training...

Philosophy of life 0

Philosophy of life

Are we only our body or a combination of body and soul? What happens to our soul when our body dies?

Study for learning, not for grades 0

Study for learning, not for grades

Focusing too much on grades makes education stressful and boring. But focusing on learning new things makes education fun and also leads to better grades. Also, learning things properly is more important than having...


100+ citations on Google Scholar

On the last week of October 2019, my Google Scholar citations exceeded 100. It took me 13 months since I finished my PhD (Sep 2015-Aug 2018) and three years since my first publication. My...

What is the purpose of education? 0

What is the purpose of education?

To me, the purpose of education is to enable people to think critically and analytically about real-life problems and solve them. So, what do I mean by this? …


Does supervision mean co-authorship?

By now, I have came across this question many times. Just because your professor supervised you in the bachelor, master or PhD thesis, they can claim co-authorship when publishing the work in an academic...